Trees Organic Coffee & Roasting House

Trees Organic Coffee has 5 cafes in different Vancouver neighbourhoods. The original founder believed coffee tastes best when it is grown organically and roasted fresh; therefore, they bought fair trade, single origin coffee beans and roasted them at their Granville Street cafe. And, their cheesecake is well-known as the best in Vancouver. We worked with the team at Trees Organic Coffee between 2011 and mid-2018 to actively manage a full range of their online marketing activities  – web development, promotions, social media engagement, photography, content and blog creation  –  that built a strong social following, brand loyalty, and in-cafe sales.

Western Turf Farms

Western Turf Farms is largest family owned sod farm in BC that is run by five brothers. The company develops and grows unique sod blends for a variety of residential and commercial uses – from homes to sports fields and golf courses – in variable climates.  We work closely with the team at Western Turf Farms on all online and offline marketing activities, including web development and optimization.

Roots and Wings Distillery

Roots and Wings Distillery is a craft distillery proudly producing small batch artisan spirits from quality ingredients that are homegrown on their country farm. Their charming micro distillery is based in the heart of the Fraser Valley, near Fort Langley, where they produce small batch farm-to-table spirits – whiskey, vodka, and gin.  It is our pleasure to assist the owners of this passion project with their online marketing activities, particularly with the selection and design of an integrated web platform for e-commerce, POS, contact and club management.


E-Fund is a BC Angel Investment Fund with a unique philosophy, investing via teams. Its investors take on the screening and due diligence in promising early stage companies. Once an investment is made, they also take an active interest in post-investment management. For the E-Fund team, we helped with their re-branding project and developed a new website which supports  their team-based activities for the angel investing community.


VANTEC is Vancouver’s Angel Investor Network, where entrepreneurs go to pitch their startup business to angel investors, and where other investors go to learn about promising early-stage companies. We designed and developed a new website to improve VANTEC’s reach and engagement with more investors and entrepreneurs.

Lambda Solutions

Lambda Solutions has grown to become one of the premier companies in North America that supports larger educational and corporate clients with the implementation, hosting and management of learning management systems. We assisted the CEO with a integrated marketing strategy and services that included lead generation, content development and sales support.

Splendor Garden

Based in Watson, Saskatchewan, Splendor Garden is a Canadian provider of organic herbs, spices, seasoning blends, dip mixes, and organic gluten-free oats. The company has been recognized for its unique efforts in healthy foods, and for its business acumen.  We helped the owner to enhance their online presence, especially to strengthen their Facebook engagement, website awareness and sales on Amazon. Marketing activities included targeted marketing campaigns, social contests, fresh blog content, and mailing list development.

Baby Mum Mum

Baby Mum-Mum is an international brand of popular rice cracker snacks for babies, toddlers and adults. We helped the North American team with enhancement to their online brand, development of a new website, and great quality blog content for young mothers.

Alfa One

Alfa One Rice Bran Oil is a New Zealand product and is made from the most nutritious part of rice, the bran and germ.  We were hired by the local Canadian team to help optimize and localized their website with recipes, photography, and product education.